Lance Paora

(Luxury Brands Retail MGR)

Lance Paora

Lance leads our production to ensure that all raw materials used in making Wai Mānuka are sustainably sourced and of the highest standard and quality. This is a critical area of the business that Lance thrives on because of the expectation we put on ourselves and the knowledge that we're creating a product the represents New Zealand on the world stage. “This journey with the boys has been amazing so far. I love working on something that we’re all passionate about and that’s doing good for our community”.

Ko Kakanui te maunga
Ko Waikanae raua ko Orutua ngā awa
Ko Te Whanau-a-Apanui raua ko Ngāti Porou ngā iwi
Ko Te Ehutu raua ko Hunaara aku hapu
Ko Tukaki te marae
Ko Lance Paora tōku ingoa.

Lance was born and raised in Whakatane to Waikohu Ngareta Paora and Catherine Eilleen Marshall, he has 2 siblings Mark and Helen .
Lance was brought up to respect others, with an ingrained hard work ethic to get established in life .

After finishing school, Lance worked briefly in the Liquor Retail Industry, before embarking on an exciting career in Intl Tax- & Duty-Free Sales (LMVH) onboard Cruise Ships, opening new cruise ships up and setting them up to trade through the world for ten years.

Returning home to NewZealand, Lance continued his career in Tax & Duty Free Sales at Wellington Intl Airport for 5 years, relocating back to Whakatane to relax and enjoy the best weather in the country and life, currently managing a Super Liquor Store and Wai Mānuka after hours.

Lance has a passion for fitness and wellbeing, indulges in kickboxing and an avid weight lifter, he loves to stay fit and healthy.