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Matariki tāpuapua. Matariki nāna i ao ake te kai ki runga. Matariki hunga nui. Matariki ahunga nui. Te ope o te rua Matariki. Ka rewa a Matariki, ka maoka te hinu. Ka rewa a Matariki ka rere te kanakana.

Matariki is the star that signifies reflection, hope, our connection to the environment and the gathering of people. Matariki is also connected to the health and wellbeing of people (

Matariki is an important time of year for Wai Mānuka as it reflects the values that guide us everyday. From looking after the natural environment, to valuing health and wellness, to caring for each other.

To make the most of Matariki and celebrations across the country we’re delighted to offer a 15% discount to all our loyal customers from June 23rd to Jul 31st using the code Matariki

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