Joe Harawira

Managing Director
(MBA, BExSpSc)

Joe Harawira

Joe is responsible for the overall performance of the business. Working on and in the business is something that he’s passionate about because Wai Mānuka represents so many things that he cares deeply for. “I feel very fortunate to share this journey with Lance and Wayne. We have a special connection that will last a lifetime. The other thing I love about Wai Mānuka is the challenge of bringing our vision to life and getting others to believe in it. The support we receive becomes a source of inspiration especially when navigating through the tough times.”

Ko Kaputerangi, ko Mauao ngā maunga
Ko Ohinemataroa, ko Tauranga Moana ngā awa
Ko Ngāti Awa, ko Ngāti Pukeko, ko Ngāi Te Rangi ngā iwi
Ko te Patuwai, ko Ngāti Rangataua, ko Ngā Potiki ngā hapu,
Ko Toroa, ko Te Pahou, ko Tamapahore ngā marae.
Ko Joe Harawira tōku ingoa.

Joe was born and raised in Whakatāne to Hohepa and Parepikiao Harawira. He has an older sister, Marama who is married and has her own whanau. Joe attributes much of the values he lives by today to those he learned from having parents and whānau that believed in hard work, looking after each other and caring for the land.

After finishing school Joe served in the military for several years. The pinnacle of his career was completing operational tours of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and East Timor under the auspices of NATO and the United Nations.

Always passionate about health n’ fitness, Joe completed a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science which then led to a career in sports injury prevention. He also completed an Executive Master of Business Administration and spent three years working for the National Rugby League (NRL) where he established a wellbeing pathway for athletes transitioning into professional sport. In 2015 he was awarded a Prime Ministers Scholarship to travel to the UK and learn from other sports codes including the likes of Liverpool FC. Following this, Joe began working for New Zealand Rugby where he helped lead a national programme focused on improving player safety and wellbeing.

Outside of his career in sport wellbeing, Joe started a social enterprise called Flo (flourish), which connects lovers of lifestyle fashion with a wellbeing programme that helps young people in school.

Today, he works full time in Wai Mānuka and is focused on growing the business and validating global opportunities.